How to develop and expand your staffs Excel skills

Microsoft Excel has become widely regarded as the most popular spreadsheet generation tool in the world and its applications are wide and varied. Excel has become the go-to tool for most offices to generate accurate numerical information and graphs. And ever since its release has been a staple program in the world of financial management and invoicing. But now its applications have spread so far and wide it can actually be quite difficult to keep up.

So you and your employees need to be on the ball in terms of understanding and using the various features of Excel. This is harder than it sounds as the program on face value can appear to be confusing and its main applications are not completely apparent to somebody who is not trained in its use. It’s therefore highly recommended that your staff has some kind of structured Microsoft Office Training to truly help them make the most of the program. And if your company doesn’t have the resources, skills or manpower to do this yourselves then you may want to look into finding a provider of excel training and workshops.

Invoice Automatically

Accounts and bookkeeping are most likely to be at the forefront of Excel use in your company and it totally makes sense that that would be the case. If you look at the work that is done with these spreadsheets you will quickly realize that it is perfect for data entry and bookkeeping.   This is due to Excels ability to automatically execute different mathematical processes. Some of these are simple like adding together all values in a column and dividing by a set value and others are extremely complicated and require a certain degree of knowledge of the different formulas that power Excel.

For example, you can give Excel text commands like asking it to evaluate all of the cells in a selected range and see if they all have corresponding values. It will even “answer” you in text form, either TRUE or FALSE. A great use that you accounting block should be aware of is automatic invoicing where every month due accounts bills are calculated and an invoice is generated ready to send, saving accounts the time of manually calculating and writing up the invoice.

Make graphs with ease

Most people will be familiar with this skill, making graphs and charts out of numerical data is what most people educated in the past 10 years will be most familiar with and it’s one of the easiest and “satisfying” applications of Excel. Seeing all of that hard data you have spent hours organizing into different columns instantly transformed into a visually attractive and easy to read chart is a nice feeling and does, in a way, allow you to be creative with data, as you have the freedom to choose chart and graph style, colour and format.


This, however, also requires a little bit of knowledge to execute effectively as different charts will require the information to be input differently.  For example, with the latest version of excel came the ability to create not only 3D graphs but also 4D which requires the input of some very specific data and a solid foundation of understanding of how the program works in order to create them. However the sheer amount of information and the clarity of a 3D chart really cannot be beaten.

Expand on what you have learnt

Once you are knowledgeable in Excel’s use it is then possible to go further with its applications and come up with creative automated spreadsheets to help you with day to day tasks.  Comfort with the intricacies and reasoning behind using Excel becomes spurs you on and makes you want to expand your knowledge and use it for more and more complicated and flashy uses. Which can also get you noticed by management if you consistently come up with the most user friendly and easy to understand visual aids for presentations.

For example, once you know the relevant subtract and divide commands it can be a breeze to create an automatic ROI calculation spreadsheets. Wherein all you do is enter the values in the appropriate column and it will automatically calculate the wisdom in an investment. This can really help with you closing presentations as it shows the client in real time how wise of an investment they are making by showing them, scenarios.

How to effectively prepare your home for insect treatment

Now obviously we hope to everything under the sun that you never have the unfortunate pleasure of hosting any kind of insect infestation within your home and by and large most people maintain, clean and regularly deep clean their homes to such a standard where insect infestations struggle to take hold. However, sometimes it can’t be helped either due to a sudden and unpreventable turn in the outdoor conditions or even being transmitted from another nearby property, well then it’s time to call the exterminators to come over and give your house a thorough baiting and pesticide spraying. The most common causes of people to call pest control services are in fact cockroach and termite and other insect infestations.

While your contractor will do their best in order to kill and remove as many of them as you can, there is a small amount of preparation work that is needed in order to give them the best access and chance at getting rid of you unwanted tenants for good. So let’s have a look at some of those preparations in a bit more detail.



Thoroughly clean your home prior to your pest control contractor coming around and pay extra mind to scraps of food or other edible biological matter as they can potentially become a conflict for the traps that they will set. If you are really smart and sensible about the whole thing however, you will continue to do this step after the treatment to keep the insects away on a permanent basis.

Potential nest sites


You need to take steps to ensure that upon their home and colony’s destruction, they have no other potential nest sites that may offer them refuge. This includes any stacks of paper products, any cages of small animals like hamsters and gerbils. This also includes any pile of trash or other items that could potentially shelter the insects from the treatments being applied.

Vacuum them down

Try your best to see if you can find not only openly but also ones that may be hidden in obscurity under the sofa, behind cupboards and other dark places.  Use a vacuum with a crevice attachment to ensure you get them in even the tightest of spaces, once you have finished vacuuming them, proceed to seal the bag with tap and immediately deposit outside your home in the outdoor trash to isolate and remove them as far from your property as realistically possible.

Make sure they have access


It’s really vital to make sure there is adequate access to all areas that are pest-ridden or where they have been seen by yourselves or others. You contractor will most likely have a list of their own places that he wants to inspect. So you need to ensure that these places are unlocked, unobstructed and cleaned to the standard we described above.


If anybody in your home suffers from a kind of allergy to anything, are particularly sensitive skinned or under the age of one then it is vital that you inform your chosen expert about this BEFORE they begin their chosen treatment as then they can advise and change their plans to suit these people and usually, they will need t0o make themselves scarce for the majority of the time. Make sure that you inform your contactor ASAP so that will give you time to make alternative arrangements.

Large appliances


Be sure to clear all surfaces in your house, including the top of the fridge, any non-fixed appliances and surfaces should also be pulled away from the wall and then cleaned both underneath and behind them, leaving them away from the wall to allow you operative best access to these areas.

After your service


Now you are finally rid of the interlopers on your property it’s time to ensure that they never come back again. Be sure to regularly scrub your floors with detergent and if you notice them start to re-appear attempt softer methods of treatment such as a spray bottle of soapy water, which when applied to the cockroach will humanely suffocate it. If the infestation is coming from a neighboring property then ensure that you contact the authorities to have them deal with the problem. Thanks for taking the time to read this, hopefully now you are armed with the knowledge you need to defeat your infestation.

How to create excitement at your next event appearance

An appearance at a local trade’s show or other public event can in the right circumstances and execution can really boost your companies profile to your local market.  There’s a real opportunity to not only engage with existing and potential customers, showcasing your products and services in a productive environment, but also to network with the companies and influencers in your industry. Such is the nature of these kinds of events that they will not only draw in people who are directly interested or involved ion your industry but will also be visited by a variety of different people from different demographics and with different business interests.

So why would you pass up such a golden opportunity, try to get yourself out there to as many public or industry events that you can. This is particularly important for newer businesses that are looking to establish themselves firmly within the minds of their customers at large or in other circumstances, with individuals from specific circumstances. But you need to plan out your strategy properly before you attend in order to make the most out of these opportunities, so let’s take a look at a few points that can help you really drive your message home.

Promo Products

Who doesn’t love getting something for free? Whether it’s a sample of a new kind of soft drink or a new t-shirt printed with an interesting design, everybody loves to get something without having to do anything and studies have shown that on average people are more willing to take a free product of any kind over even cash incentives. And this is the perfect chance for your company to show how much they invest in their image by giving out a few free corporate promotional products to really get the word out about your stand and, by extension, your company.

It’s important that you not only bring enough of the products that you are choosing to use (like mugs, keyrings and bags, all branded with your company’s name and logo of course)but try to use some imagination to spice it up in terms of variety in promotional aids. Businesses are trying all kinds of things to bring attention to their business and their products and you should too. Using these products can be a real and tangible way of generating a massive buzz from attendants as they see others getting something for free, they too will want a piece of the action. So make sure your budget can extend to this kind of generosity.

Your Stall or Stand

When you are planning what to feature in your stall itself, you should be mainly focused on the visual aspects and how your stall looks from the outside and how it draws in the right kind of attention from passersby, so as well as the other suggestions mentioned try to make your stand as lively, eye-catching and as professional looking as possible.  A great way to do this is to pair your company’s colours together in different spots on the stall and offsetting them with a lighter, or darker shade, whichever suits your colour scheme better.

Another way to generate excitement from more specific audiences is to have your staff giving out printed materials and holding conversations with attendees at these kinds of shows and a hot new idea that people are utilizing is to include interactive elements to your showcase. This can include not only your staff obviously who should be on hand to answer questions about the company and who you are as well as giving some background about themselves and making small talk, but also things like iPads and tablets displaying either your products or additional promotional materials. You could also try running a raffle or other kind of game to keep people engaged and lingering, absorbing the information that is coming from your stall. This is something that when utilized correctly can be good draw cards to have up your sleeve as it gives customers a chance to make a far more in depth and personal memory of you, your company and of course the time they met you guys at an event but also in a more relaxed setting which will ultimately help them to look on you as less of a corporate entity and more as real human beings.

How to find the right kind of dancing to learn for beginners

For many people, dancing is the spice of life and whether you happen to like Latin soul music or the striking beats of a hip hop song, you can always find a way to dance to the rhythm and truly let yourself go. And most people actually learn by trial and error, correcting on their mistakes and learning what works best with different kinds of music by observing others who are enjoying the music too. However, a lot of people simply don’t have the confidence for this trial and error stage and to be fair to them, it doesn’t help that people can be quite judgmental when it comes to how you operate on the dance floor.

So for some people the best way to find their feet and learn how to move to a rhythm is in a slightly more relaxed and controlled environment full of other people who are either new learners or even people who were once in that same position. However when it comes to choosing the right kind of dancing to take it can be difficult to determine not only for the music you like but also for how often you will actually use the moves you learn and how much you enjoy the dancing. Well here are a few tips to help you choose the right dancing to learn.


Level of Mobility

Some dancing is quite relaxed and slow paced and generally doesn’t involve you stressing and straining your body anything beyond what you would get from a light jog, which is ideal for practically any age or level of ability, however, some dance routines and genres are the complete opposite with lots of rapid moves and level changes, and sometimes even acrobatics, which rules out these style s of dancing for people of certain body shapes and sizes, ability levels and ages. But you shouldn’t despair as there are plenty of dancing styles out there that can accommodate your body type until you are either more proficient or fitter to do the more complex moves.

If you think of hip hop, breakdancing and popping for example, you will quickly see that the more advanced end of the spectrum contains many “power moves” and semi-acrobatics which are necessary to keep both the dancing fresh and the audience exited. But on the lower level end of things there are still plenty of styles of break dancing anybody popping that practically anybody can do, which rather than being impressive by skill, they are impressive through the rhythm that is used and often times these kinds of moves are used by the professionals too. So make sure that the dancing you want to learn matches with whom you are as a person.

Most preferred style of music and how often you go out to listen to it

Now obviously everybody in the world has a differing music taste and largely that’s a great thing to have, however, it can pose a problem in terms of learning to dance. After all, Jazz nights these days are fairly few and far between, so if you are looking for a style of dancing to use when you go out to the club every weekend it’s probably not the most easily transferrable kind of dancing you could choose and is therefore kind of unsuitable to learn for this purpose, unless you live and breathe everything Jazz and will seek out those Jazz nights when they come up to practice (and show off) your newly found talents.

Good examples of easily transferrable dancing styles are things like hip-hop and pop music dancing, which with a little bit of tweaking can fit most of the music you are likely to encounter at a club quite nicely. Most styles of hip hop blend in nicely with anything that has a decent and hard hitting bass or rhythm, and pop music dancing can be great for clubs as they teach you how to fluidly transition your speed, moves and rhythm between dance moves making it an extremely flexible and versatile kind of dancing.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this article, hopefully you have a better understanding of what you need to look for in a dancing style to truly fit in when you go out, please click the following link for more information on Sydney dance lessons.